Friday, May 2, 2014

Tutorial for Indian Earrings by Lillian

Lillian is the next one from the HappyThings blog-team 
and made earrings in Indian-style

Lillian is a Dutch polymer clay artist and made for HappyThings this week a tutorial for earrings in India-style.

These materials all from the webshop from HappyThings ( used Lillian for this tutorial.

First I've wrapped the cotton balls in aluminium foil leaving a small tail.

Then I wrapped it with a sheet of scrap clay and cut off the clay so 75% of the cotton ball is covered in clay leaving a small hole.

After the balls are baked and cooled down I cut off the tail and carefully open the aluminium foil so you can see the cotton ball.

After soaking it a few seconds in water I remove the cotton and foil with small pliers or a tweezer. 
With some coarse sandpaper I smoothed the edges and removed when necesarry oneven parts. Now you have a blank to cover with a fineer or slices of cane. 

Smooth the fineer or the slices of cane and cut of exvess clay and bake for the second time.
After baking smooth the edges and place it upside down and coat the edge with a thin layer of liquid clay. 

Roll small balls on your worksurface, add pressure on one side so a point is formed.

Cut of the buttom to make a flat surface end place them on the ball. Bake again.

Now the parts are ready to make them into earrings.

Have fun!